FlatSpin: Frequently Asked Questions

Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist Simon Murgatroyd's answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Alan Ayckbourn's FlatSpin. If you have a question about this or any other of Alan Ayckbourn's plays, you can contact the website via the Contact Us page.

What connects FlatSpin to the other plays in the Damsels In Distress trilogy?
Although Alan Ayckbourn considers GamePlan, FlatSpin and RolePlay to be a trilogy, the link is not between the plays but a thematic and physical one. Each play features its own set of characters and plot unrelated to any of the other plays. However, they share a thematic link - damsels in distress - and, most significantly, a staging link. Each play is intended to be performed by the same company - offering each actor the chance to play three very different characters - and they all share the same set; a nondescript apartment in London's Docklands.

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