FlatSpin: Synopsis

Cast: 3 male / 4 female.
Running time (approximate): 2 hours 10 minutes - not including the interval.
Availability: FlatSpin is available for both professional and amateur production.
Acting edition: Published by Samuel French.


Annette Sefton-Wilcox (Estate agent's representative, 30s)
Rosie Seymore (Actress, 20s)
Sam Berryman (Undercover officer, 30s)
Edna Stricken (Drug dealer, 40s)
Maurice Whickett (Sam's superior officer, 50s)
Tracy Taylor (Police officer, 20s)
Tommy Angel (Police officer, 30s)
In a Docklands apartment, Rosie is working as a temporary cleaner. She is an out of work actress, single and desperate for a man. The doorbell rings and an attractive man and spare-time magician called Sam introduces himself as the neighbour. Rosie pretends to be the owner of the flat and after a nervous and confusing introduction, agrees to let him come round and cook dinner for them. He leaves and Rosie realises she had better find out who really owns the flat if she is going to take on the ‘role’.

Meanwhile, several mysterious phone calls are made to the flat and another visitor arrives, all of which Rosie ignores. Having looked through the owner Joanna Rupelford’s wardrobe. Rosie gets into the character for an evening of Gnocchi with Sam. Just before they get into the bedroom, Sam makes a call and leaves Rosie. Frustrated and disappointed by being stood up, she is equally surprised when a pair of black-clad heavies, Tracy and Tommy, enter the flat and announce they are the ‘good guys’; although Tracy seems intent on flattening Rosie, or anyone else that rubs her up the wrong way.

Rosie, it transpires, has managed to interrupt a very carefully orchestrated police sting and has inadvertently taken the role Tracy was due to play. Sam returns with his superior, Maurice, who is in charge of the operation which is trying to close down a drug smuggling operation. He is furious with Sam, who apparently has problems keeping his pants on in the presence of attractive women. Rosie is clued in as to what was due to happen: Tracy was supposed to be playing Joanna and buying drugs from the woman who has both phoned and called at the flat and who now presumes Rosie is Joanna. Sam persuades Rosie to continue with the ploy, promising she will come to no harm as the flat is wired for full surveillance and the team are next door. The telephone rings and Rosie makes the appointment.

Rosie is prepared for the sting with Tommy, a none-too-bright ex-soldier, there to protect her. The money for the drugs is kept in a table with a secret compartment - made by Sam. As the pair wait, Tommy persuades Rosie to prove how tough he is by hitting him with his truncheon. She does. He collapses and she screams for help. The doorbell rings and Edna, the drug-dealer, is there.

The exchange goes well, despite the fact that Edna uses the cover of an Avon cosmetics saleswoman to cover her drug-dealing. However, Edna is angered when the suitcase is revealed to be full of newspaper. Edna decides to punish Rosie by spraying her with acid; Rosie tries to flee but is eventually pinned down only to be rescued at the last minute by the brutally efficient Tracy. Maurice arrives and congratulates everyone on a job well done, despite being frustrated by the disappearance of the cash. Edna is led away and Sam reveals the case had been switched to another compartment in the table. Sam leads Rosie into the shower, promising them a better future.

As they vanish, Tracy and Maurice return having seen everything through the surveillance cameras. They uncover the case and leave the flat.

Article by Simon Murgatroyd. Copyright: Haydonning Ltd. Please do not reproduce without permission of the copyright holder.